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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Black-White 100

Well, this is a bit late, the show is coming down on the 29th, but if you are down on Granville Island before then, check out the "Black-White 100" members show at the Gallery of BC Ceramics. All pieces are by members of the Potters Guild of BC and are strictly black and white, or just black, or just white. Anyway, you get the idea. It's a dramatic looking show in the bright white gallery space and there is gorgeous work on display, some from clay artists who are not regular Gallery of BC Ceramics exhibitors.

Keith chose this event to debut his new bowl design:

And I made some "formal" cuddle cups.

In other news, we are getting a new roof on our studio! The process is pretty noisy and dirty, but it will all be worth it this winter when the rain only rains outside. Yes, that will be good.

Picture by Keith, post by Carole.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Net Loft on The Express

Johanna and Zach from Shaw Cable's program The Express, were down on Granville Island today doing a spotlight on the Net Loft Building. They did interviews at Edie's Hats, Little Dream, and The Kingsmill Studio! Keith threw bowls, and chatted with Johanna about the history of the shop and it's mandate of allowing the public to see artists at work. Carole acted as spotter for cameraman Zach to ensure that he didn't back over anything breakable in his quest for the perfect angle.
The segment will air on The Express, Shaw Cable, Channel 4 on Friday Sept 4 at 3pm, 6pm, and 10pm, and will repeat throughout the weekend and Monday.
We don't have a TV, so we'd love it if someone could record it for us!