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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty pictures of the potters pottering about.

I meant to do this post back in January, but I got busy with all of the other things that January got full of. Two lovely photographers, Ester Bueno and our friend Adele Thomas both asked if they could come by while we were at the Kingsmill Shop and take pictures of us working. Ester is working on a project photographing all kinds of artists and artisans in their workspaces and Adele is doing a project called My 366 Project where she has challenged herself to post a picture a day for a year.
Here is Adele's picture of us, we were January 4th:

We met Adele and her partner Carlo Ricci through Keith's brother Carson who volunteered with them at Pisco Sin Fronteras in Peru. They both do wonderful photography and film. They made the video on the Pisco homepage. Carson thought we'd get along because we are all the kind of crazy that thinks living for months on the road in an intermittently reliable old orange VW is an excellent way to go travelling, and he was right! They did 50,000 kms from South America to Vancouver and documented it gorgeously on their sites as "The Long Way Up".

Ester Bueno came in over a couple of days and photographed both of us as we worked. It was a good way to get your picture taken, I thought. Just ignore the camera and keep working! It's interesting to see your process afterwards through someone else's eyes. I am so glad she caught that awesome trimming spiral and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing her pictures of other artisans at work.

Keith working on a pierced vase form

 Keith attaching legs to a rocketship sugar jar.

Carole trimming a bowl.

Carole trimming a bowl.

We are at the Kingsmill Shop for a couple more days, until the 7th, please drop and say "hi" if you're down on Granville Island!