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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going Dotty!

New bowls thrown by Keith, glazed by Carole.
I'm imagining them serving soup, or granola, or ice cream
or fruit salad, or some other colourful deliciousness.

I am pretty excited to try this pattern out on other shapes too!

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Web Site

Our new website will be up and running at http://www.poplarstudio.ca/ very soon. If the link does not work, you should be able to preview the site here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Baking!!

Goodness, it's been a while! How have you been? We have been keeping busy and intrigued, we fired the new gas kiln (!) at the studio for the first time, Keith has been working on some new smoke-fired vase/bottle forms that are really gorgeous and now we are in full holiday production mode, throwing, firing, glazing and firing some more like the crazed mud-maulers we are.
Our new site is ready to be launched and should be up sometime on November 26th, apparently it takes a while to chug through the intertubes and attach itself to the address so please check the link again later if it doesn't work the first time.
We are just doing one holiday show this year:

It will be super-fabulous!
If you are planning to attend, please:
  • Go to our new website, check it out,
  • send us an email on the contact page asking to be signed up for our contact list (No spam! Never shared! Just info about sales, events, etc that we are participating in.),
  • and we will send you a special code word which when pronounced at our booth at the Holiday Market will get you 10% off your purchase.
We'll do a few posts with some fun gift suggestions and sneak peeks of new work, leading up to the market to whet your appetite for delicious, local, handmade crafts. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Around the studio...

Owls and rockets.....

our new spraybooth....

..and the raven who hangs out in Railspur Alley.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Events

Hi there! Hope you are having a wonderful Summer! We are enjoying our bike commute to and from Granville Island more than ever with the current sunny days and lovely warm evenings. We've been busy in the studio and we'll have freshly-fired pots (and the bakers will have freshly baked bread!) ready for this weekend Kitsilano Farmers Market. The forecast looks great and it's peak season for delicious cherries and blueberries and, peaches and-well check out the line-up here. The market runs from 10-2, and is located at 10th and Larch.

Mmmmm, bread and cheese and blueberries..... 

Next up for us is the West Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival Craft Fair. Located right by the beach in Ambleside next to the Ferry Building Gallery, this is one of our favorite fairs, not only for the chance to see our wonderful fellow crafters, but also for the gorgeous view and live music. This event runs for two weekends, we will be there just for the first one, July 30th-August 2nd. More info on the vendor line-up for each weekend here.

Here's a shot of our booth from last year-here's hoping we get the same lovely weather this time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Frenzy

February is usually pretty quiet, rainy, and contemplative. Not much happens saleswise and we bumble along slowly and start to contemplate which shows to apply for and to make production plans. This year looks like it's going to be a bit different. Granville Island where we work, teach, tech and sell, is one of the city's major Olympic "Celebration Sites" so things are promising to be quite lively. The False Creek Community Centre is almost completely given over to La Place de Francophonie, except for the weight room and pottery studio, so classes and studio time will continue, but I feel like I should polish up my barely remembered high school French a little.
"Bonjour," I will say, "bienvenue au l'atelier de poterie!"

We are at the Kingsmill shop this week, until the 7th, Keith will be working on some huge mixing bowls with spouts, cute little side-handled three-legged teapots and some of the new style of chopstick bowls, so do stop in and say "hi" and watch him at work if you are nearby!

I am fortunate to have been granted the February "emerging artist" spot at the Gallery of BC Ceramics this month. There is a veritable chorus line of cuddle cups on their front counter. It's very exciting to be in such good company! That is lovely gallery assistant Sarah, in the background.