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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Frenzy

February is usually pretty quiet, rainy, and contemplative. Not much happens saleswise and we bumble along slowly and start to contemplate which shows to apply for and to make production plans. This year looks like it's going to be a bit different. Granville Island where we work, teach, tech and sell, is one of the city's major Olympic "Celebration Sites" so things are promising to be quite lively. The False Creek Community Centre is almost completely given over to La Place de Francophonie, except for the weight room and pottery studio, so classes and studio time will continue, but I feel like I should polish up my barely remembered high school French a little.
"Bonjour," I will say, "bienvenue au l'atelier de poterie!"

We are at the Kingsmill shop this week, until the 7th, Keith will be working on some huge mixing bowls with spouts, cute little side-handled three-legged teapots and some of the new style of chopstick bowls, so do stop in and say "hi" and watch him at work if you are nearby!

I am fortunate to have been granted the February "emerging artist" spot at the Gallery of BC Ceramics this month. There is a veritable chorus line of cuddle cups on their front counter. It's very exciting to be in such good company! That is lovely gallery assistant Sarah, in the background.

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