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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Spice!

Portobello was fun, we met great people and sold lots of pots! We had a sweet spot right by the window, which gave us a nice bit of extra shelf space (something we always need). All the rest of the stock is now at the shop and the studio and we are just firing a couple more kiln loads before taking a holiday breather.

I went shopping at the Farmers Market Holiday Market on Saturday (which was huge and FANTASTIC) and was tipped off about this bus ad, today I spotted one on Broadway and snapped this picture:
which was pretty exciting! Hopefully I can get a better one, but still, wow! This is part of a holiday ad campaign for Granville Island. http://www.granvilleisland.com/gifts
They came by the store a month or so back and borrowed some things they liked for a photoshoot, and now-cups on a bus! I kind of wish I'd kept this one...

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